I am a Lawyer because I Think Like a Lawyer

It should take just a moment to recognise that the thinking of lawyers is dominated by our left hemispheres. Most of the law I learned at University was out of date by the time I came to practise (including the Companies Act 1989 which never came into force). What your law professors don’t tell you is that the real lessons are not in what the law is, but in how to look at the world like a lawyer. At University and Law School, and the early years of practice, our brains are being re-wired.

Soul Care For Lawyers

Lawyers, like everyone else, need Jesus. But as lawyers, we need Jesus for particular reasons. In every new social situation I find myself in, I want to announce to people “I’m a lawyer” even before people have asked the inevitable question “What do you do?” The words are ready to spring from my lips because for many lawyers, like many medical professions, being a lawyer is not just what I do, it is, in important ways, who I am.