Our collection of audio presentations include an introductory series on the law’s relationship to Scripture and the Christian faith, lectures on Human Rights, and Christian lawyers in the public square. If what you want is to be inspired, encouraged, and equipped by listening to talks on theology of law, even while you are jogging or walking the dog, you have come to the right place.

audio presentations

systematic and biblical theology

'Theology of Law: An Introduction to and Systematic Overview of Law's Relationship to Scripture and the Christian Faith', 10 part series from Theology of Law.

human rights

‘Human Rights: Problem or Solution?’, Round Church, Cambridge.

In this talk, David McIlroy explores the problems which human rights theory seeks to address. He also considers the limitations and dangers of the common understanding of human rights and the attempt to use the language of human rights to resolve political and social questions. 17th October 2013.

law and morality

‘Reclaiming the good: Can Christian lawyers constructively contribute in the Public Square?’, London, 23 April 2020.

In this talk, David McIlroy explains how shalom is the Biblical picture of the Good, and how Christian lawyers can seek to apply and to promote this idea in public life.

church and state

'Christianity and the Law', BBC Radio 4.

David McIlroy joined judge Sir Mark Hedley and journalist Joshua Rozenberg to discuss the relationship between Christianity and the law on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Beyond Belief’, broadcast 27th January 2014.

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